Why Drink Raw Milk?

Raw Milk is a Living Food
Raw milk is a living food, full of highly beneficial bacteria that are critical to your health. Several of milk's natural ingredients (i.e. natural bacteria, enzymes, natural vitamins and immunoglobulins) are heat-sensitive and are destroyed during the pasteurization process.


  • By consuming beneficial bacteria, like those found in raw milk and cream, you can improve your gut health leading to an overall stronger immune system.
  • Natural enzymes include lactase, lipase and phosphatase. These enzymes, killed in the pasteurization process, are vital to your body's ability to absorb calcium and vital nutrients. The lack of lactase in processed milk is believed to be the leading cause of lactose intolerance in many people.
  • The butterfat in raw milk is rich in vitamins like "A", "K", and "E" that need fat to absorb in your body. It is also rich in water-soluble vitamins like C & B-complex all of which are delicate and largely destroyed by heat.

Pasture Grazed - Non-GMO
Our cows are only grass fed. Grass-fed cows produce milk and meat higher in fatty acids, specifically Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). Research has shown that CLA is known to fight certain cancers, hypertension and obesity.
Most big dairies routinely give their cows antibiotics and an unnatural grain diet containing corn and soy. Although this produces higher volumes of milk, it also has a negative effect of producing less health nutrition. It's important to note that just because a grocery store milk is organic, doesn't mean it is grass fed. To qualify for the Organic label, grass only needs to be 30% of a cow's diet.
Check out these sites for additional details on raw milk and the benefits:
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