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How It Works

Raw Milk Herd Shares
A herd share enables you to enjoy the freshest, most natural milk available. Unless you have a cow in your backyard, you need a herd share to enjoy raw milk in Virginia.


At the onset, you pay an annual fee of $25 for your portion of the herd. The milk is bottled in one-time use 1/2 gallon plastic jugs.      
As a herd share member, additional products are available for delivery as a standing weekly order or a one-time add on. These include fresh butter, heavy cream, cottage cheese and pasture raised eggs. When signing up you can choose any or these additional items to include weekly, or you can add them on as needed (with 48 hours prior to your delivery day notice).
We do all the hard work – milking, grazing, doctoring, delivering etc. For a low monthly boarding fee. It’s that simple. Your boarding fee will be dictated by the amount of milk you wish to receive each week. Current prices are below.
Monthly Cost
1/2 share = half gallon per week: $32.50

1 share  = one gallon per week: $53.00

2 shares = two gallons per week: $94.00

3 shares = three gallons per week: $135.00

4 shares = four gallons per week: $176.00

5 shares = five gallons per week: $217.00

additional quantities are available
How to Get Started
Signing up is simple and can be done completely online!
1) Click the sign-up button below
2) Pick a delivery location near you
3) Fill out the e-form
4) After you sign up, we will confirm your start date and first payment amount by email.
5) Pay for your start-up and first month costs (after we contact you by email in step 4)
Pure & Simple!




Sunny Horizon Dairy delivers your milk fresh each week to the drop site option you choose. Drops sites are a combination of local business and private residences. More details can be found during signup. Areas include: Amelia, Farmville, Chester, Chesterfield, Hopewell, Midlothian, Glen Allen, Short Pump, Parham & River Road area, Lakeside, Bryan Park, Mechanicsville, Toano and Barhamsville.


Delivery Locations
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