Sunny Horizon Dairy

is an Amish, family-owned, raw dairy farm located just outside of beautiful and quaint Farmville, Virginia.

Sam Lapp and his family are originally from the rolling hills of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The Lapp family have been dairy farming for over 15 years and made the transition to organic dairy farming practices over seven years ago.


In 2018, the Lapps made the journey south to Virginia and purchased a farm to continue raw, organic dairy farming practices in Virginia. Sunny Horizon Dairy is situated on 133 acres, which includes pastures both grazing and hay. Sam, his wife Salome and their seven children are all involved in working the farm.

The goal of Sunny Horizon Dairy is to produce the best and most nutritious milk possible. Their cows receive all their nutritional requirements from grazing in the fields, hay in the winter months and natural vitamins and minerals; never grain or antibiotics. Sam believes that it is important to work with nature to improve the soil and environment which is why they do not use pesticides or herbicides on their land. This is why Sunny Horizon Dairy's products are “Pure & Simple.”

Latest News 
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Egg-celent Pasture-Raised Eggs!

August 10th, 2021

Plain white eggs, brown eggs, Organic eggs, Cage-Free eggs, Free-Range eggs, Pastured eggs... So many options these days, what do they all mean, how are they different and what is best for your family??

Check out our recent facebook post to find out and your only question then will be, fried eggs, scrambled eggs, poached eggs, deviled eggs or pickled eggs!

Sun setting on the horizon
Calf 16
Flower of the Fields
The Farm
Mule Grazing
Milking Cows
Pouring the Milk
Cows Grazing
Calf 18.
Sun setting on the horizon with fog